How To Use Instagram To Get A Job

How to use Instagram to get a job

We live in the age where the internet has now become more popular than what is was ten years back. The reign of social media. The need for CVs to apply for a job is becoming more of the past as people now just want to vibe off what you present on your virtual profile.

  1. This is why you now need to take your Instagram profile serious. For real, if you take more time into the photos you upload on your account, came up with a good Instagram handle and nice profile description, then you are on your way to getting new jobs.
  2. Now post quality content. Whether you seek to be a public figure or a film director, upload the relevant content and constantly upload to show your new skills or works.
  3. Once you have completed that, whether you want to get paid to promote clothes or work as an intern for a film director, now you need to be brave and DM those you want to work with or work for. Ask the person if they will be free for a coffee to talk more. Your number of followers really does not matter. A perfect example is Banksy. The artist no one knows but his work is phenomenal. Let your work talk and show them what you can do or tell them why they need your services.

Now you have completed these 3 steps, the worse that can happen is they say no or nothing. It is up to you to never give up and stay consistent.

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