5 YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

“5 YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching” is locked 5 YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

With over 1,000,000,000 users and upward of 1 Billion hours of video being watched per day… yes “Billion” and yes “Per Day” YouTube can sometimes seem quite daunting, especially when looking for new creators to watch and follow. Luckily we have you PLUGGED, below is a list of mixed creators who are bringing something new to the table and changing the video game for the better. These are channels you may have never seen or read about, but they are certainly channels to watch out for.

1) Kai Bent-Lee

Launched in late 2016 with currently 66,000 subscribers, Kai’s channel features a bit of everything, documenting daily life and his love of fashion and streetwear go hand in hand, showcasing brands and fashion pieces most could only dream about. Kai’s videos definitely make for an interesting watch and gives you a look into the lives of celebrities and large public figures within the industry. With the infamous @kai handle on Instagram, this guy is the real deal, you will not be disappointed with his content especially if you like the finer things in life, fast cars, fancy houses and good looking individuals all make a frequent appearance in his videos.

Some notice…

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2) The Unknown Vlogs

One of the main players in a surge of menswear and streetwear focused content makers over the past year, is Kofi. He has amassed an audience of over 75,000 Subscribers and is continuing to grow at an amazing rate. The Unknown Vlogs is a documentation of everything streetwear related in London. From the latest Supreme drops, to tours around high-end flagships, to behind-the-scenes looks at exclusive music and fashion events, all through the eyes of Kofi himself. Kofi has managed to do what many other influencers struggle to do, and that is to break out of digital media and also work within the traditional space. He has presented for brands including the BBC, In which he has a filmed a documentary launching soon focusing on the streetwear culture and the fashion industry. He is an advocate for making things happen and is always striving to do something bigger and better for his daily vlogs.

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3) PlayTheGameFilms / Justin Escalona

Meet Justin, a 20-year-old filmmaker from Chicago in the United States. An OG in the game some might say, Justin is now living the life in Los Angeles, documenting his life one day at a time and focusing on providing his viewers with the best possible action packed video he can. With a healthy 260,000 subscribers and over 80,000 followers on Instagram he is no longer a small personality on YouTube, his channel is blowing up and for good reason too, he has built himself an empire within the film making scene and his vlogs and weekly videos are a work of art, filled with special effects and stunning cinematography, he is one creator to keep an eye out for.

Oliver and I randomly decided to fly to Vegas for the day

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4) Jack Francis

Jump into the world of Jack Francis, mainly known for his Instagram profile and antics, he is now also making the switch to start creating content on YouTube. Based in London, United Kingdom this 21 year old is a social media influencer and content creator. As well as his unique personality and cool tat he also suffers from a condition called Tourette Syndrome. Tourettes is a neurological condition in the brain which causes him to twitch, shout, make strange noises and a lot of the time use inappropriate language. Jack is an advocate for promoting Tourettes awarness and spreading love to everyone, he has amassed a staggering 110,000+ Instagram followers and has now taken on YouTube and is already showing signs to becoming one of YouTube’s next stars. Launched only 2 weeks ago Jacks YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/JackFrancis has already gained a following of over 90,000 subscribers and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. 

5) Orchard Clothing

Based in the UK and between London & Hong Kong, Sunny, Andrew and James all run the channel together, documenting streetwear purchases they make as well as taking to the streets to see what others have copped from the drops, mainly Supreme. Their channel is mostly content related to streetwear and currently, sits just under 10,000 subscribers. With 3 funny personalities at hand, their videos make for an entertaining watch and gives you a glimpse into the London fashion scene.

first time all three of us ❤️

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Hope you all enjoyed and remember to show these channels some love.

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