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Having an interest in fashion will be an expensive interest. A lifestyle evolved around you always needing money to splash out on the latest trends in fashion. You can never own too many clothes and with these brands being promoted and pushed by your favourite fashion icons and public figures, you will need a lot of money to just keep up with it all.

Whether you are a brand junkie, a hypebeast, a minimalist or a vintage lover. You need money, so here are 3 ways you can make money, to buy the clothes you want.

  1. Invest you time in being a proxy for Supreme drops/ Palace drops. These both are a seemingly quick ways to make money as someone will pay you to line up for them and help them purchase more than one item of an exclusive piece. Starting from £0, this is a good start.
  2. Download Bump the app, and sell those unwanted old clothes you own. Sell pieces of clothes your friend does not want (with their consent) and rack up that money. Bump is the only online selling app that does not charge a fee. So you keep all your money!
  3. Start designing your own clothes and customising shoes. As of lately, there has been an increase with the interest in purchasing and owning any customised clothing or shoes. Now, customised Nike Air Force 1s and Yeezy’s have become the next big trend and with the help of public figures like Ryan Hawaii pushing customised clothing, it has now made customising and selling your clothes/ shoes easier as more and more people are on the search for new art on clothes. Best thing about it? You don’t need a big following on social media to be accepted by the customising business. Make your art on clothes and sell it!

We are living in the world of social media connecting the world making it easier to make money without needing a traditional job. We all start somewhere and hopeful these 3 steps bring you closer to earning money and buying the clothes you want. If you have any other tips then feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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