3 Quick Ways To Fund Your Expensive Lifestyle


Talking about fashion, we apply to the streetwear culture and all its glorious brands that apply. Fashion is hands down an expensive lifestyle. You can find yourself trapped into thinking you never have enough clothes or designer. You start to believe you need all the latest releases by brands like Gosha and Supreme.

Here are 3 quick methods to help fund your expensive lifestyle this summer:

  1. Offer your services and line up in line for these drops held by Supreme and/ or Palace. Be at all these drops first and try be top 50 in line. Then you can quickly find who needs your services in line and charge them some money on top for buying them the extra limited goods from the shop. 
  2. Start customising. Grab your Sharpies and art supply and start doodling on your clothes. As of lately people have taken an interest in owning a rare 1 of 1 piece of clothing or shoes so don’t over look this opportunity and make that money. Start by making pieces for public figures in exchange for a shout out and grow your following. Then start making that money. 
  3. Grab your camera and hit record. The internet is free (for now). So why not use it to make money. Easiest way is to make content for platforms like YouTube whom pay monthly. All you need to do is make quality content and then the rest is history. You may even become famous from it. So why not give it a go!

That is all for now. Just 3 quick tips to get you started. Make sure to subscribe and be early for the next tips soon to come.


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